About Me!

My name is Alice and you’ll find me aspiring after the One who is greater, seeking to encourage others, admiring the sky, pondering about my musings, or giggling my way around the golf course. You can find some of golf accomplishments on the Furman Women’s Golf team roster.

3 Things I adamantly believe in:

  • That God is good and loves me too much to give me anything less than what’s best for me
  • Math and I will not be bff’s anytime soon.
  • I will never grow tired of seeing a beautiful sunset

2 Interesting Facts about me:

  • In the summer of 2013, my dad and I hopped in our minivan (that I endearingly call the “Spaceship”) and drove 9,000 miles around the country from one golf tournament to the next.
  • I have been in Sports Illustrated before

1 Hope I have for you as you cruise through my blog:

  • That you would enjoy my perspective and craft as much as I have enjoyed creating them throughout the course!

10.18.15 blog collage


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